When choosing a Coronet (headpiece) one does not simply throw it together. Instead the Coronet is a focal point of any house, it is the most iconic item of that Abbey.  We as a group went through many ideas for our Coronet before deciding on what would work for us. We wanted something that had a history but with a fresh new take on it.

nurse-capThe Queen City Sisters’ coronet is modeled after the nursing cap of  Sister Anita’s Alma Mater, Mercy School of Nursing, formerly of Charlotte, NC. The last graduating class of the university was in May of 2016.  Mercy School of Nursing fell under the auspices of Mercy Hospital and the Sisters of Mercy.

The Sisters of Mercy were founded in Dublin, Ireland in 1851 by Catherine McAuley. Mercy Hospital and Mercy School of Nursing were established in 1906. There are many other Mercy Hospitals under the umbrella for the Sisters of Mercy across the United States. The Mercy School of Nursing cap took on many renditions through the years. The final rendition, in which the coronet was modeled was designed in the mid 1960’s and used until the late 1990’s. This is when they no longer used a cap at all.

The cap that we modeled our coronet after had the iconic cone shape. It was also lined with a bill that went straight up form the edge of the cap. While our coronet plays up these points with it’s extended high point. We also extended the bill of the cap to be higher and longer.  We felt this was a great tie in to not only “nuns” but heritage to our local area.


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