Welcome to the home of the Queen City Sisters, Abbey of Charlotte Von Mecklenburg.  We are a new Mission of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence as of 11/21/2016.

First, people wonder whether we mock nuns or are nuns; or are we drag queens or clowns. We believe that we aren’t “like nuns”, we are nuns. We’re nuns for the LGBTQIA community (although we certainly aren’t limited to that). We care for our community the way nuns of various other faiths have cared for people throughout history. We’re here to give laughter and love, to uplift, support, guide, and educate. We just do it with much more flair, activism, and rubber sex toys.

It is our responsibility to end the stigma that surrounds our community. In order to do so, we must celebrate the differences that we each bring. This difference must be used as a light against the darkest obstacles that our community faces. This may be standing up for the rights of those who cannot stand for themselves, may be laughing in the face of danger, or may simply be through raising funds to support those in need.

Most of all we must represent our community and the common rights of those we represent all while being a judgement free group.  As the Queen City Sisters we will expose the forces of bigotry and rid the human spirit of guilt. The Nuns of this house do not reject anyone and welcome all people!

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